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Land of Beauty: Come with us to a land of healing springs, a land of a long and rich history, a land of breath-taking nature and openhearted people. Join this bike tour and enjoy the incomparable atmosphere of the Czech spa towns. Explore the forests and tales of the Ohre river and Slavkov natural preserve.

Tour specific: This tour is different compared to most of our tours as in each of the towns you will spend two nights. This way every other day you can decide, whether you would go biking or enjoy relaxed atmosphere of Unesco World Heritage Great Spa Towns of Europe (with possible spa treatment? )

Historically Unique Discover the dramatic story of the St. Maura reliquiary in Becov nad Teplou and enjoy the historical town of Cheb with its unique merchant houses surrounding the square and the imperial castle chapel.  Of course, we will have time and space to try the healing springs in all the fairytale spa towns.


Due to the Karlovy Vary film festival to start the tour from 28.6.-6.7.2024 or request only and most probably possible only with very high surcharge!!!



Relax on and off the bike in the spas of the Czech Republic.  Nature and centuries of history await you during days and healing springs and relax during evenings. Let yourself be treated like the emperors and empresses of old times!


Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad) - optional transfer

Show day
1 Day

Arrival to the town of Karlovy Vary, founded by the holy roman emperor and Czech king Charles IV. Already in the14th century. Nowadays it is the biggest spa in the Czech Republic visited by many celebrities from all over the world. It is also known for the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, held there every year. Karlovy Vary is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Czechia.

Known for having 12 healing springs or better to say 13  – the last is the famous local Becherovka herbal liqueur.  Also known for its china and promenade of beautiful architecture and luxury shops. If shopping is not your cup of tea, you can spend a day with great hiking starting right next to the promenade.

On request we offer a transfer from Prague (130 km) by car or van. This transfer is free of charge for fully guided trips and tours with luggage!

Karlovy Vary UNESCO loop

Show day
2 Day

In the morning you will take a local train for a short ride all the way up to the Krušné Hory/Ore mountains. This old mining/mountaineering area is now under the UNESCO world heritage protection thanks to all the mining and mining related history starting from the to 16th century silver mines  all the way to 20th century uranium mines. All this situated in a great scenery of Ore mountains and it’s foothills. 

On the way back to Karlovy Vary, mostly downhill , you will bike by Mauriciius silver mine, Jáchymov town - in the time of silver rush second largest town of the Czech kingdom, in the 20th century known for luxury radium healing spring&Spa. If you are interested in 20th century history , still in Jáchymov you should not miss in it’s time highly valued uranium mines and connected labor camps for communistic political prisoners. Nearby Ostrov town is know for its wonderful chateau and French style chateau park but also for so called SoReLa – socialistic realism architecture – one of the best examples in the Czech republic. You will end your day back in Karlovy Vary.  

As we stay in Carlsbad for 2 nights, in case off bad weather we have an alternative shorter bike ride or you can simply enjoy spa treatments all day in Karlovy Vary!

Along Ohře river to Františkovy Lázně

Distance 62 KmShow day
3 Day

We'll start from Karlovy Vary and bike through the amazingly beautiful Ohre river valley nature. Our day leads us along a newly built cycling trail through the Slavkov Forest nature preserve and the stunning Svatosske Skaly rock formations. Following the river we arrive in Loket with its stunning 14th-century castle. Next stop is the town Sokolov with a nice chateau and town centre originating in the 13th century. Refreshments abound along the route, but the Kynsperk brewery  or the coffee Mostov's small chateau are highlights. Today's last stop and our overnight stay is the spa town of Frantiskovy Lazne (Franzesbad), a 19th-century spa town built by the emperor Franz I.  This regal town still maintains the atmosphere of the golden age of spas. Immerse yourself and enjoy the waters after a long biking day!

Frantiskovy Lazne Spa and Iron Curtain trails loop

Show day
4 Day

Today's program is quite flexible as we stay here for 2 nights, so those more interested in the spa can relax the whole day and enjoy the treatments!

For those who decide for a bike treatment, we can recommend loops up to 70 Km. For centuries this area stood as the border between the Holy Roman Empire and the Czech kingdom. Thanks to this fact, our day's ride will be full of castles, fortresses, and chateaux, many accurately restored so the whole trip looks like a journey through "Old Europe“ - which it is! Part of the day will also trace the borders of the Iron Curtain, a reminder of the Cold War. Should you desire, a short trip to Germany reveals the recently restored Hohenberg castle, where the German people expelled from Czechoslovakia after World War II have their cultural centre.

Frantiskovy Lazne - Marianske Lazne

Distance 50 KmShow day
5 Day

Just a couple of kilometres from Frantiskovy Lazne we reach the town of Cheb. For centuries this town was the gate between the Holy Roman Empire and Czech kingdom. This beautiful town is without doubt the most "German" place in the Czech Republic, highlighted by the 13th-century merchant house, "Špalíček," and the imperial castle, unique in the Czech Republic.  It was the favorite residency of the emperor Friedrich Barbarossa and contains a striking Romanesque chapel. From Cheb we bike on car-free roads through small villages that attest to the centuries-old influence of the German people. On the way we visit a Marian Loretto pilgrimage church and a chateau in Stary Hroznatov. The last stop on the way is the opulent chateau Kynzvart, built by Counselor Clemmens Metternich in the 19th-century as his representative seat. Today its architecture makes an elegant café stop. Just a few kilometers on, we reach our final stop of the day – the spa town of Marianske Lazne. Take time to soak those muscles in the spas' healing waters.

Marianske Lazne - Bečov nad Teplou - Mariánské Lázně

Distance 55 KmShow day
6 Day

In the morning we have to climb a hill, or we can take the ski lift! Once on top, we bike along small roads to the Tepla monastery dating back to 12th century. We can admire the monastery church and particularly the library with some 80 000 books from all eras. From here on we bike through the mild forests and meadows of the Slavkovsky Forest area to the town of Becov nad Teplou, its chateau the hiding place of the famous St. Maura reliquiary. It is one of the most important and  valuable historical items of the country and of all Middle Ages Europe! From Becov we can either take a train to Mariánské Lázně, or bike the remaining distance back.


Show day
7 Day

The tour ends by a check-out from your hotel.

Services and prices

Tour price no luggage515 €
Pretour meeting in Karlovy Vary95 €
Fully guided tour1210 €
Luggage transfer included
2 Persons745 €
4 Persons665 €
6 Persons610 €
Bike rental105 €
Road/Gravel bike rental140 €
E-Bike rental175 €
Single surcharge185 €
Solo surcharge160 €
Premium accommodation surcharge210 €
Premium accommodation single surcharge195 €
Night in Prague / Karlovy Vary50-80€
Halfboard surcharge160 €
Premium halfboard surcharge190 €
Parking place in Prague /Karlovy Vary (underground garage)14 €/Day
Transfer Prague - Karlovy Vary (1-3 Person)165 €/Group
Transfer Prague - Karlovy Vary (4+ Person)195 €/Group
Booking fee30€/Group
Booking fee (tailormade tour) & Last minute bookings100€/Group

Tour datesAny scheduled tour can be made private. Your group, your dates. Go Private

Fully guided terms
18. 08. 2024-24. 08. 2024Request now!
23. 06. 2024-29. 06. 2024Request now!

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Our rental bikes

At Europe Bike Tour, we understand that a high-quality bicycle is key to an enjoyable vacation. That's why we ensure all our bikes are regularly serviced to maintain their perfect condition. For additional equipment, please refer to the "Bike Equipment" section where you'll find items included in the bike fee or available for rent/purchase at an extra cost.

Our diverse fleet includes bikes for men and women in various sizes, electric bikes, tandem bikes, children's bikes, and even recumbent bikes upon request. If you have any special requirements or wishes, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are dedicated to meeting your needs and ensuring you have the best experience possible!

What is included and what notOn self guided idividual tours

  • Individual pre-tour meeting at appointed time at client's hotel on the first day of the tour
  • Accommodation in selected hotels and pensions (city standard/premium)
  • Breakfast on all days
  • Day by day description with altitude profiles, places to visit and local tips
  • Official biking maps with highlighted routing (per room)
  • Detailed tailor-made cycling maps (per room)
  • Detailed town maps with highlighted routing to/from hotel (per room)
  • Step by step route description (per room)
  • Train tickets and train timetables (for tours where train transfer is part of a tour schedule)
  • Transportation of luggage between hotels between 9-17:00 (for option including luggage transfers only!)
  • Practical bike ride and safety information
  • 24-hour hotline assistance service
  • Personal travel and health insurance for participants in the tour
  • Transportation (air tickets) to/from starting/final point of the tour
  • Transfer from Prague Airport to your Prague hotel on the day of arrival
  • Transfer from hotel to the airport on departure day
  • Meals (except for breakfasts)
  • Entrance fees to museums, castles, and chateaux
  • Local touristic/spa tax (to be paid on spot directly to accommodation)
  • Bike rental

On fully guided tours

  • Specialized Bike Holidays bicycle tour leader during all biking days
  • Pick-up from any Prague hotel on the first day of the tour at an appointed time
  • Accommodation in selected hotels and pensions
  • Breakfast on all days
  • Dinners without drink on specific number of biking days (usually every other day but for more info, please contact your tour coordinator)
  • Refreshments in the supporting vehicle (soft drinks, snacks, sweets, fruit)
  • Water for bike-flasks
  • Welcome briefing on the first day
  • Maps of towns of accommodation on the tour (per room)
  • Detailed cycling maps (on request)
  • Program and detailed day-by-day description (per room)
  • Practical bike ride safety training
  • Technical service on the route
  • First aid service on the route
  • Support vehicle
  • All transportation of participants and their luggage and bicycles during the tour
  • Personal travel and health insurance for participants in the tour
  • Transportation (air-tickets) to/from Prague – starting/final point of the tour
  • Transfer from Prague airport to your Prague hotel on the day of arrival
  • Transfer from hotel to the airport on the departure day
  • Other meals than mentioned in "What is included"
  • Entrance fees to museums, castles, and chateaux
  • Local touristic/spa tax (to be paid on spot directly to accommodation)
  • Bike rental

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Full-guided trip

We at Europe Bike Tour do know, that a good bike is the most important part of a nice vacation. So we let all our bikes serviced regulary so they stay in perfect condition. Under "Bike Equipment" you can find other aditional equipment that is either in the bike fee included or you can rent/buy it for adittional funds.

We offer male and female bikes with different sizes, E-bikes, Tandembikes, Bikes for kids and on request the Recumbent bike as well. Should you have a special wish/need, do not hesitate to ask us, we will make our best to fullfill your wish!

Tailor-made tours

Why with us?

With a rich 12-year history, Europe Bike Tours offers more than just cycling trips; we provide immersive "Culture Biking" experiences across the Czech Republic and Central Europe. Our tours blend the thrill of biking with cultural exploration, taking you from charming local eateries to ancient, hidden castles. We handpick the most captivating locations, ensuring each bike, family, or wine holiday is an adventure in itself. Catering to diverse preferences, our tours come in various formats, from self-guided to fully guided, with options for luggage transfer and different accommodation levels. For those seeking something unique, we're always ready to craft a tailor-made tour that perfectly fits your vision of a cycling holiday.

  • Self guided, fully guided or supported tours
  • City standard or premium accommodation
  • Tailor made maps
  • More biking options for each day
  • 24/7 Hotline with personal approach
  • Quality bikes e-Bikes

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Guide since 2008

Lukas was born and raised in the Czech capital of Prague. His keen interest in history and sports influenced his determination to study both subjects at university in Germany. His passion for travel also led to Lukas adding a tourism degree to his studies. Biking, exploring, and discovering interesting places was one of the determining moments when in 2010 he decided to start Europe Bike Tours. Since than Lukas is keen on developing new products, improve services and above all, share his passion for traveling while guiding one of the tours!

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Vitek ProchazkaManager

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Vitek was born in Prague, Czech Republic and has remained there most of his life. During his travel and tourism studies he began guiding mostly bike and rafting trips all around Europe. Through his years in the office of a travel agency, guiding remained an important part of his life. Eventually went of for  year in New Zealand and after returning started guiding and preparing programs in and around his homeland

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Accommodation is one of the most important parts of each trip that strongly influences the final look of it. We make our best to offer you the best possible accommodation in the prefered category. The hotels we offer are either comfortable small hotels or quite guesthouses both in 3* quality, all of it rather small and with personality than big chain. All the tours have accommodation in or near the town/village centres so you can spend the afternoon and evening after biking exploring the town itself or simply enjoy the peace of the place.

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TestimonialsWhat our clients say about us

22 May

Herman Oerbekke

Tour Elbe Bike Trail - From Spring to Dresden

Thanks for all.We had nice hotels, good breakfasts and the transport of the luggage was excellent.And of course a magnifieke cycling route along the Elbe (and Moldau) and trough beautiful cities.We will recomment it to other people.Kind regards,Geesje and Herman.

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13 May

Emanuelle Grandaud

Tour Prague-Vienna Greenways May 2023

nous avons fait le séjour de prague a vienne en vélo électrique.les parcours sont magnifiques, les vélos sont d'excellente qualité et très confortablesl'équipe était joignable 24/7 et super réactivenous recommandons à 2000%(Translated by Google) We traveled from Prague to Vienna by electric bike.the courses are magnificent, the bikes are of excellent quality and very comfortablethe team was rea...

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07 May

Mr. and Mrs. VanderVelde

Tour Prague-Budapest short

Overall we were very happy. I put 2 for most things because there is always room for improvement , I suppose. But we were pleasantly surprised how good everything was and how well the biking went. Lots of variety each and everyday. And with 12 different hotels all being very nice except one, we couldn’t ask for anything moreIron curtain was a highlight. But also all the towns we ended up in. It...

Read more

01 May

Nielsen group

Tour Prague-Dresden

Arrived Dresden today. The trip has gone very fine.

Read more

01 Aug

Mark and Nicola Fleming - June 2023

We found the Prague to Vienna Greenways trip to be a great way to discover the peace and tranquilty of the Czech Republic after having enjoyed the bustle of Prague. The attention to detail from Lukas was excellent and we were most impressed by the selection of hotels and pensions along the way. The bikes were well maintained and we thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. Thank you.

Read more

30 Jul

oscar cattorini y gladys slobodzian

Hello . Good afternoon. We want to thank you for the service provided, from the bicycles to the hotels of excellent quality and well located, the excellent gpx, the schedules fulfilled to perfection. everything has been very very good !! It has been a pleasure to come from Argentina to get to know this wonderful country and its people and to have everything waiting for us to enjoy. From now on ...

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22 May

Mark & Brenda Regensburg-Prague-Vienna Tour

It is always good to start a new season with satisfied clients but to start with such a positive feedback is GREAT!!!!

Read more

26 Dec

Angela and Ray // Prague to Dresden

Great self-guide bike tour from Prague to Dresden through beautiful countryside. We received the best route directions we have ever had after many bike tours with other operators. The directions were clear, understandable and offered options. We also appreciated the route information with directions on sightseeing, cafes, pubs, restaurants. The recommended GPS was very helpful to provide ou...

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06 Dec

Eric & Jola George, Queensland, Australia

In September 022, we met with European family members to ride from Spindleruv Llyn to Nymburk along the Labem/Elbe. It was our third trip with Europe Bike Tours and it did not disappoint. We love riding in the Czech countryside, and stopping every night is such interesting towns, and we'll be back again as there is so much of Czechia to see. We preparing a 3 episode account of our trip for ou...

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27 Aug

Family Lodder

Dear Lukas, Great tour from Prague to Vienna, with beautiful routes, well equiped bikes and lovely stops. We enjoyed Tjechie! The castles, food and vineyards. It was wonderful. The cycling, the canoeing, the hiking and the service on the jacket ;-) . Everything well organized and with a personal touch. Best regards, Alfred, Christine, Jonathan and Olivier Utrecht, Netherlands

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