Your Home Away from Home: Uncover the Charm of Local Stays with Europe Bike Tours

Your Home Away from Home: Uncover the Charm of Local Stays with Europe Bike Tours

At the heart of every memorable journey lies the perfect place to rest, rejuvenate, and reflect. At Europe Bike Tours, we understand this, which is why we meticulously select accommodations that enhance your experience. Picture this: cozy, characterful guesthouses and intimate 3-star hotels, each with its own unique personality, nestled in the heart of quaint towns and villages. After a day of cycling, these havens are not just places to sleep; they are gateways to local life, inviting you to explore bustling town centers or bask in serene surroundings.

Choose Your Style of Comfort:

1. Luxury in Historical Splendor: Embrace the grandeur of the past in our luxury hotel option. Stay in magnificent historical houses once home to aristocrats and affluent merchants, or even in a majestic chateau. Our premium choices are predominantly 4-star hotels, located in historical buildings brimming with stories and elegance. Remember, these exclusive, low-capacity gems are highly sought after, so early booking is key to securing your slice of history.

2. City Standard: Local Charm on a Budget: If luxury isn't your main pursuit, our City Standard option is your gateway to authenticity and affordability. Enjoy comfortable 2-3 star hotels or charming B&Bs, carefully chosen to offer a genuine local experience without stretching your budget. This option is ideal for small groups eager to immerse themselves in the local culture and its intricate details.

At Europe Bike Tours, your accommodation is more than just a place to stay; it's an integral part of your adventure, crafted to enrich your journey and connect you to the heart of Central Europe.

Why with us?

With a rich 12-year history, Europe Bike Tours offers more than just cycling trips; we provide immersive "Culture Biking" experiences across the Czech Republic and Central Europe. Our tours blend the thrill of biking with cultural exploration, taking you from charming local eateries to ancient, hidden castles. We handpick the most captivating locations, ensuring each bike, family, or wine holiday is an adventure in itself. Catering to diverse preferences, our tours come in various formats, from self-guided to fully guided, with options for luggage transfer and different accommodation levels. For those seeking something unique, we're always ready to craft a tailor-made tour that perfectly fits your vision of a cycling holiday.

  • Self guided, fully guided or supported tours
  • City standard or premium accommodation
  • Tailor made maps
  • More biking options for each day
  • 24/7 Hotline with personal approach
  • Quality bikes e-Bikes

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Our self-guided tours

Accommodation is one of the most important parts of each trip that strongly influences the final look of it. We make our best to offer you the best possible accommodation in the prefered category. The hotels we offer are either comfortable small hotels or quite guesthouses both in 3* quality, all of it rather small and with personality than big chain. All the tours have accommodation in or near the town/village centres so you can spend the afternoon and evening after biking exploring the town itself or simply enjoy the peace of the place.

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Who we are

Lukáš SvárovskýManager

Languages spoken Czech, English, German

Guide since 2008

Lukas was born and raised in the Czech capital of Prague. His keen interest in history and sports influenced his determination to study both subjects at university in Germany. His passion for travel also led to Lukas adding a tourism degree to his studies. Biking, exploring, and discovering interesting places was one of the determining moments when in 2010 he decided to start Europe Bike Tours. Since than Lukas is keen on developing new products, improve services and above all, share his passion for traveling while guiding one of the tours!

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Vitek ProchazkaManager

Languages spoken Czech, English, French, German, Slovak, Spanish

Guide since 2012

Vitek was born in Prague, Czech Republic and has remained there most of his life. During his travel and tourism studies he began guiding mostly bike and rafting trips all around Europe. Through his years in the office of a travel agency, guiding remained an important part of his life. Eventually went of for  year in New Zealand and after returning started guiding and preparing programs in and around his homeland

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