Prague Vienna Greenway

Day 0 - Arrival to Prague - not included in tour price

Description of the day: This day(s) is/are yours to explore the "Paris of the Central Europe,", relax, or have a unique Prague-by-bike tour (see more in our Prague-by-bike section). The tour is guided by Prague natives - who truly love the city and can reveal much more than any travel book – all safely by bike and finished by a mug of good beer in an carefully chosen place. Do not hesitate to ask us for this extra tour – it is our clients favorite! If time is not your worst enemy, we do propose you stay in Prague more days to fully explore its beauty and hidden corners. Feel free to ask us about more nights or other attractions!

Hotels: Night in Prague is not included as most of our guests prefer to stay more nights. We recommend to use one of our standard partner hotels (3/4/5* Standard) as our route description, GPS files, maps etc. starts from there. If you decide to book your own hotel additional 20 € administration fee will apply.

Please note we require hotel with 24/7 reception + bike storage room. We do not accept Air B&B accommodation and it will be your responsibility on day 1 to find way by bike to our starting point.

Day 1(1) Prague - Konopiste - (Tabor)

Distance: 61 km / 38 miles

Description of the day:

Our first biking day starts easily and relaxed Vltava river upstream on nice bike trails. After 20 km on flat ground we have to leave the river and open romantic Posázaví highlands For every climb you will be rewarded with nice views to surrounding country side. At Zbořený Kostelec you can take short hike to local castle ruin. From here we will continue to nearby Týnec nad Sázavou with it’s romantic gothic stronghold and Romanesque rotund. We will end today’s bike stage by visiting the Konopiste Castle, the summer palace of Archduke Franz Ferdinand D´Este. The assassination of this would-be-king in Sarajevo in 1914 caused World War I.

Option A in the evening: From Konopiště/Benešov you will take a train or car (Fully guided tour) to the former Hussite stronghold, Tábor. An evening stroll through this wonderful medieval town will be one of the highlights of the whole tour!

Day 2(X) Konopiště / Benešov - Tábor - Option A skip this day!

Distance: 60 km / 38 miles

Description of the day: The second day offers us gentle biking along small side roads and byways through nice and peacefull part of Central Bohemia. The part we bike through today is sometimes called Czech Meran for all the little ups and downs or Czech Siberia for rather chillier climate (mornings) in the valleys. It offers a lot of fantastic views and descends with the same amount of climbs on the other hand. After we pass through all this cycling heaven we will end up in Tábor. This mighty fortress served as the headquarters of the czech reformation in 15th century during the Hussite wars. Never conquered it offers a lot to see and a great evening after a demanding ride!

Day 3(2) Tabor - Jindrichuv Hradec

Distance: 52 km / 32 miles

Description of the day: In the morning we recommend a short walk on the ramparts of Tábor, where you can admire its genius loci. The careful incorporation of the landscape and countryside during its construction resulted in several successful repulsions of sieges during the Religious Wars. Riding our bikes, we will enter the South Bohemian region. Among the green, calm scenery rest the romantic water castle of Červená Lhota, and the third-largest historical complex in the Czech Republic - the town of Jindrichuv Hradec with its well preserved castle and city center. Today, it is hard to believe that this calm town used to be one of the largest medieval centers in Bohemia! Based on a legend, it is possible to meet Perchta of Rozmberk – the famous “White Lady” ghost!

Day 4 (3) Jindrichuv Hradec - Telc

Distance: 45 km / 28 miles

Description of the day: We leave the South Bohemia and enter the Bohemian - Moravian highlands area. Today’s highlight will be a visit of the Renaissance town of Telc, which is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Telc is considered to be the most beautiful Renaissance town in Europe!  Before we get there, we must travel a rather hilly 45 km, passing by a plethora of ponds and lakes - try to count them all, or just relax amid this peaceful scenery. In Strmilov, we will have a chance to visit an artistic weaving factory and learn more about the process of making wool and linen fabrics, a part of this region for centuries.

Day 5(4) Telc - Vranov nad Dyji

Distance: 67 km / 42 miles

Description of the day:

We start the day in direction of Dačice where the firrst sugar cube ever was produced. Getting there we bike through an area with fantastic views and very few other bikers on the route. It takes us through nice highland area and peaceful villages near to the Austrian border which we then follow for the rest of the day.

On the road we can see a well-preserved system of fortifications from the beginning of World War II. These fortifications has never been used,  and therefore, are well-preserved for today’s tourists. Riding along, the route will pass by the Renaissance castle of Pisecna and to the fairytale-like castle of Frejstejn. Before we reach our destination we will take a detour to the Vranov water dam to reward ourselves with amazing views of Bítov castle.  Should you wish, please enjoy the views from one of the biggest castle ruins in Moravia – Cornštejn.

The final destination of today’s stage is the town of Vranov nad Dyji, nestled on the edge of the Podyji National Park.

Easy option: You can take a morning train transfer to Slavonice to bike just along the Austrian border.

Day 6(5) Vranov nad Dyji - Znojmo

Distance: 46 km / 29 miles

Description of the day: This day explores Podyji National Park, enchanting everyone with its untouched beauty. From the ruins of Novy Hradek, as well as from the viewpoint over the majestic medieval castle of Hardegg, we will be able to see where the Dyje River finds its way through the countryside creating unforgettable meanders. A memorial of the Iron Curtain, located in this area, is a quiet eyewitness of somber, relatively recent, times. The bike trail will lead us along the borders of the national park, where no auto traffic is allowed. While descending to the Dyje river through Šobes vineyard, why not pause for a glass of white wine? This place was marked as one of the 10 best vineyards in the world! Our next stop will be the town of Šatov, where we will have the possibility to visit  a uniquely-preserved Cold War fortification, a curiously painted wine cave, cozy wine cellar streets, and an educational path leading through vineyards of old wine varieties. We will conclude the day in the seat town of the Moravian Premyslid Dynasty – in the town of Znojmo.

Day 7(6) Znojmo - Mikulov

Distance: 68 km / 42 miles

Description of the day:  In the morning we will leave the town along the river and then continue through fields and vineyards to the Austrian border. The border line will then take us east with a nice stop in the town of Jaroslavice with nice Renesance chateau. Here you first cross the border t Austria and visit the picturesque wine growing area of Galgenberg. From here we follow a nice new bike trail meandering through the peaceful countryside to Mikulov. This hidden gem will capture your attention with its Baroque Castle and wine museum, an historic synagogue and a local curiosity – a gigantic wine cask big enough for a chamber orchestra. 


TIP: Culture and wine lovers can take a morning transfer to Břeclav and spend whole day biking in unique Lednice - Valtice UNESCO area!

The Lednice-Valtice Cultural Landscape – a landscape which used to belong to the family of Lichtenstein. Under the care of this single family, the swampy area was transformed into a well-thoughtout combination of castles and parks, sometimes called “The Garden of Europe” or “The Garden Paradise”. We will have a chance to visit this place, which combines both indigenous and exotic natural elements to create an outstanding work of human creativity. Since the complex is very large, biking is the recommended mode of transportation allowing you to fully experience this exceptional cultural site along at a leisurely pace.

Day 8(7) - Mikulov - Poysdorf/Mistelbach (Vienna)

Distance: 55 km / 38 miles

Description of the day: The last half day of the tour in Czech republic will follow iron curtain trail framed with story boards of those, who tried to escape from communistic Eastern Block.

In Hlohovec you will enter the UNESCO Lednice-Valtice Cultural Landscape – a landscape which used to belong to the family of Lichtenstein since the 13th century. Under the care of this single family, the swampy area was transformed into a well-thoughtout combination of castles and parks, sometimes called “The Garden of Europe” or “The Garden Paradise”. In Lednice you can visit majestic chateau with breath taking gardens or simply bike through woods and enjoy Romantic-era Jan’s castle, the Three Graces and Rendezvous memorials before visiting the baroque Valtice chateau. 

Here we highly recommend to visit the National Wine Center and historical wine cellar in chateau´s vast cellars.  This may be a perfect farewell to Czech republic!

After entering Austria you will continue through the Herrnbaumgarten Village, which is known for Nonseum – poetic museum of non-senses to Poysdorf. You can take a short stroll through the quaint wine cellar street located behind the church and local wine market/shop Here you will be picked up by car and transferred to Vienna, where our tour ends (short version) or continue biking through Wilfersdorf with its chateau which had been the main residence of the Prince of Lichtenstein between 17th and 18th century. All way biking tour will end the day in Mistelbach.

Option A ends in Poysdorf with transfer by train/car to Vienna

Day 9(X) Mistelbach - Vienna

Distance 67 km / 41 miles (to the center)

Description of the day: Last missing part of Prague-Vienna whole way biking tour will guide us through rolling landscape with many wind power plants on the horizon. We will be following the EuroVelo 6 bike trail partly built on ancient steam railroad tracks. We will end our day at Vienna - former capital of the Habsburg Monarchy, town of the waltz and opera. 



Same as in Prague also in Vienna night is not included as most of our guests prefer to stay more nights. Therefore we offer large variety of hotels which we are happy to recomend ( ** / *****).

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