Prague Regensburg

Lenght6 Days/5 Nights
Price from330€ /Pp
Distance330 Km
Selfguided tours departuresEvery day between April 15 and October 30
Fully guided terms

Old traderoute

Let’s cycle along a medieval route between the Bohemian kingdom and the Holy Roman Empire that connects two majestic cities – Prague and Regensburg.   Both, thanks to their unique architecture and preserved centers, are enlisted in the UNESCO heritage list.

A way of culture, nature and history

The route will lead us to countless castles, chateaux, monasteries, and through some of the finest nature in the area. Soon after leaving Prague we pass the most visited castle of Bohemia – Karlštejn, a mighty imperial fortress.  And next we can admire the “beer kingdom” of Pilsen. Not just Pilsner, but a rich jewish culture and the lively atmosphere of a 2015 European Culture Capital waits for us there! Another mighty fortress in Švihov guards the entrance to the extraordinary Chodsko region with Klatovy as its capital. Of the many natural riches we should at least mention the  Regen River’s nature reserves.

Part of the Santiago pilgrim route

Between Prague and Pilsen our tour follows the best-known pilgrimage of Europe, the Camino de Santiago de Compostela.  Winding along the routes on bike you might even hear the ancient pilgrims footsteps, or at least an old tune sung to pass the time...

It can go yet further…

From Regesnburg on you can easilly continue biking either along the Danube towards Passau or Vienna. Another option could be to continue towards the Bavarian capital Munich to experience some of the best german beer traditions.


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