Prague - Berlin

Day 0 - Arrival to Prague - not included in tour price!

Description of the day: After your arrival and check-in to a Prague hotel, this day is yours to explore the "Paris of the Central Europe,", relax, or have a unique Prague-by-bike tour (see more in our Prague-by-bike section). The tour is guided by Prague natives - who truly love the city and can reveal much more than any travel book – all safely by bike and finished by a mug of good beer in an carefully chosen place. Do not hesitate to ask us for this extra tour – it is our clients favorite! If time is not your worst enemy, we do propose you stay in Prague more days to fully explore its beauty and hidden corners. Feel free to ask us about more nights or other attractions!

Hotels: Night in Prague is not included as most of our guests prefer to stay more nights. We recommend to use one of our standard partner hotels (3/4/5* Standard) as our route description, GPS files, maps etc. starts from there. If you decide to book your own hotel additional 20 € administration fee will apply.

Please note we require hotel with 24/7 reception + bike storage room. We do not accept Air B&B accommodation and it will be your responsibility on day 1 to find way by bike to our starting point.

Day 1 Prague - Mělník

Distance: 53 km / 32,5 miles

Description of the day: Leaving Prague, we will peek into the elegantly restored Trója Chateau and its royal gardens before rolling under the rock cliffs of the Prague basin.  Our route will pass by the sgraffito of the Renaissance-era Chateau Nelahozeves - feel free to enter the courtyard and admire the architecture. And pay attention to the small house nearly in the shadow of the castle, the birthplace of composer Antonín Dvořák. From Nelahozeves, it is only a short ride to Chateau Veltrusy and its Romantic-era park.  Take some time to meander around the hidden statues and monuments of the wooded park, or continue along the main path towards Hořín, whose water lock is a technical and architectural landmark of the late 19th-century.  We will finish our first day of biking with a glass of wine, since this whole region is one of the centers of the Czech wine-growing.

Day 2 Mělník - Litoměřice

Distance: 52 km / 32, miles

Description of the day: Today’s bike tour stage will take in the most fertile part of the Czech Republic – the Elbe lowlands (Polabská nížina region) or Czech Garden. For most of our day we will have the volcanic cone Říp in sight, a hill where the mythical arrival of Slavs into the Bohemian (Czech) Lands occurred. Pause to watch local champions working out on rowboats in the Račice sports facility before continuing pedaling to Roudnice, one of the oldest cities in the Czech Republic and an ideal place for a pleasant lunch. From Roudnice it is only a short bike ride to the Romanensque monastery in Doksany and further on to the impressive 18th-century fortress of Terezín. Unfortunately, nowadays it is very well-known as a Jewish concentration camp during the Second World War, bearing witness to the dark side of the 20th century. But a happier coda to the day can be found just across the river in the regional capital town of Litoměřice, our overnight stay.

Day 3 Litoměřice - Děčín

Distance: 52 km / 32,5 miles

Description of the day: On day 3 we will head towards the romantic region of the Czech Central Mountains. This ancient volcanic region rises high around our river valley route, medieval castles looming over visitors from the narrow peaks of extinct cones.  But we will use the ancient trade route along the river Labe connecting the Czech and Saxon Kingdoms. We will enter the Czech Central Mountains by the symbolically named Porta Bohemica. From here we will continue to nearby Žernoseky, a village known for its wine-growing and Baroque chateau. Our next landmark will be more modern: the Masaryk flood-gates, followed by the ancient ruins of Střekov Castle majestically rising above the City of Ústí. In Ústí, we can admire the most off-center tower north of Alps. The incline of the tower was caused due to a heavy bombing at the end of World War II.  Farther along, Velké Březno Castle is a fine testimonial of Empire architecture in the Czech Lands. We will end our bike route in a city of Děčín, a city dominated visually by a chateau high above on a rocky perch.

Day 4 Děčín - Bad Schandau/Krippen

Distance: 25 km / 9,5 miles, 5 - 15 km hiking

Description of the day: During day 4 we will take a little break from our bicycles, only making a short crossover through the picturesque landscape of the Czech and Saxon Switzerland National Park. The bike path is lined by amazing sandstone cliffs and pillars - one would scarcely believe that this is the lowest point of the Czech Republic! After arriving at Hřensko, we can dedicate the whole day to hiking across this exquisite terrain. We can again choose from a few options: we can either hike up to the largest natural arch in Central Europe – Pravčická brána (Gate of Pravčice) with an admirable view of the surrounding area or we can take a relaxed stroll and gondola ride through an untouched part of the Kamenice River valley. Our third option would be to combine these two hikes into one trip.

Day 5 Bad Schandau/Krippen - Dresden

Distance: 40 km / 30 miles

Description of the day: On our last full day of bike touring, we cross the border into Germany. The lovely spa town of Bad Schandau waits for us. From this town it is only a short ride to an impregnable fortress of Königstein that guarded a very important trade route in the past. We will continue on a moderate bike path, occasionally using a small ferry boat as a mean of transport to cross the already powerful and wide river Elbe. In Bastei we will come along a great view combining the natural beauty of the local sandstone and the medieval castle ruins. The system of fortresses and castles built by Saxon kings have merited an inscription onto the UNESCO World Heritage list.  After a fulfilling day among culture and nature we will end up our day by arriving to bustling Dresden.

Day 6 Dresden - Riesa

Distance: 52 km / 30 miles

Description of the day: Biking along the Elbe in Saxony is like a fairytale trip to romantic times. Easilly biking along the big river we just admire the nearby castles, chateaux and monasteries. Nesting on the small hills on the river banks or just right by the river it offers a lot to see and visit! The first picturesque stop will be the historical town of Meißen with its lovely town centre, castle and history of famous china! Further on we continue along the meandering Elbe, a valley that once belonged to the UNESCO heritage list. Finally we get to the town of Riesa, our overnight spot for tonight.

Day 7 Riesa - Torgau

Distance: 53 km / 30 miles

Description of the day: Today we bike through the lowlands. Mostly along the Elbe having a lot of time to admire the still wild river and birdlife. Along the way we meet a few old mansions like the chateaux in Strehla or Mühlberg. Finally we get to the old fortress shaped town of Torgau. 

Day 8 Torgau - Lutherstadt Witenberg

Distance: 58 km / 30 miles

Description of the day: Another flat day along the Elbe. Even more wilderness, some more chateaux and castles like Lichtenburg. Pretsch or Klöden. To make the trip more fun we use some ferries on the way to cross the Elbe. Finally we bike through the so-called Martin Luther land, before we get to our final destination today. Lutherstadt Wittenberg, the craddle of german and in fact world reformation, offers a lot to see and still stays a cozy small town! Moreover the place is part of the UNESCO heritage list!

Day 9 Lutherstadt Wittenberg - Bad Belzig

Distance: 54 km / 30 miles

Description of the day: Today is our last day with the Elbe. We follow the mighty river as long as to Coswig. Here we Turn north to the mostly pine forrest. First we meet a Bismarck related viewing tower and then just enjoy the mildly hilly and forrested landscape. Our destination today is a small town called Bad Belzig dominated by a mighty castle with surprising views of the surrounding countryside.


Option: Those interested in the Bauhaus architzecture of Desau can take a morning train to Dessau and after touring the town either back to Coswig by train or bike from Dessau directly.

Day 10 Bad Belzig - Potsdam

Distance: 59 km / 30 miles

Description of the day: This day is a one of many changes. We start through the forrest from Bad Belzig following the Asparagus way. Soon we get deeper to the forrest discovering some of the old pre WW2 spa townships and feeling like time has changed its way. Finally we get to Schwielow See, the southernmost lake of the Potsdam area and start exploring this UNESCO protected ex-imperial residence.

Day 11 Potsdam - Berlin

Distance: 38 km / 30 miles

Description of the day: Today as the last day you can choose to stay longer and explore Potsdam a bit deeper, or save you time for Berlin. For both options the direct fast train connection is great. Otherwise you follow the river Havel to its confluence with Spree and then along it to Berlin city centre to explore this lively capital at its best


Same as in Prague also in Berlin night is not included as most of our guests prefer to stay more nights. Therefore we offer large variety of hotels which we are happy to recommend ( ** / *****).

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