Elbe Spring to Prague Tour

Lenght - 2 Options8Days/7 Nights
Price from330€ /Pp
Distance323 Km
Selfguided tours departuresEvery day between May 1 and October 15
Transfer Prague-Špindlerův MlýnTransfer included in tour price for tours departing from Prague every Saturday at 9am (May-September). For different transfers please see surcharge in Extras!
Fully guided terms10.06.-17.06.2019

Follow the river
Join the journey that follows the stream of this significant European river from its spring to Prague. During our trip you see, how the small brook gradually changes into one of the largest rivers in Europe.
What to expect
We start in the highest mountain range of the Czech Republic that is also the first National Park established in this country – the Giant Mountains. We follow the route of traditional mountain villages till we reach the lowlands of Polabí. Here, historical cities such as Hradec Králové, Kolín, Pardubice, the spa Poděbrady, the fortress Josefov, or the largest Safari in Europe, situated in Dvůr Králové, will be visited. You will also see the oldest European stud farm in Kladruby.
A hidden gem
One of the highlights of our journey is the historical city on the list of UNESCO – Kutná Hora. Our journey concludes in the historical seat of Bohemian kings – Prague.


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