Ancient towns of Central Russia

Day 1 Arrival to Moscow

Distance biked: 0 km

Transfer or self arrival to the «start» hotel of the tour in the very center of Moscow. 
In the evening you will have a city tour around Moscow! We will walk along the embankment of the Moscow River, past the great Temple of Christ the Savior and reach the Kremlin and Red Square.
You will be filled with unforgettable impressions of scope and power of these cult constructions of the Capital of Russia. On the way back to the hotel after you will take the metro, and will visit one of the most famous stations – «Revolution Square» and «Arbatskaya», which in truth can be called a work of architectural art. 
Dinner is not included into a tour price.

Day 2 Moscow - Tver

Distance biked: 0 km
In the morning, around 11 a.m. we will take the transfer bus to go from Moscow to an old Russian city of Tver, which will be reached in the second part of the day.

Here after a lunch break we will have a city tour around the old center. Taking a walk along the embankment, listen to the city's history. Passing by the monument of Pushkin and Athanasii Nikitin, who loved this city very much.

Later that day we go be back to our hotel, which is a former manor house, lovingly renovated by current owners.  Also, as a next step we will have a master class of modeling the Russian pelmeni. The chef of the restaurant will uncover the secrets of this popular Russian dish.

After dinner you will have the opportunity to take a walk along one of the central street «Trehsvyatskaya» – this is pretty much the same as Moscow «Arbat» with the same souvenir benches, rows of bright matryoshkas, easels of artists and many cozy cafes and restaurants. Here you will plunge into the colorful atmosphere of the provincial Russia.
Dinner is included into a tour price.

Day 3 Tver – Yurievskoe

Distance biked: 35 km / 22 miles

After breakfast at the hotel, we will start our tour by passing through the historical part of Tver, and along its embankment that was built up in the 1760-1770s. On our way we will cross the bridge, which was built at the very end of the 19th century and which will remind the curious traveler of the bridge in the Bavarian town of Laufen an der Salzach on the Salzach River and in Budapest.
Leaving Tver we continue our trip along gravel and sandy roads through pine woods, along the banks of a great Volga River to reach the walls of an Orsha convent, which was patronized by Tsar Ivan the Terrible. Here, on the shore of a small influx, we will have a picnic break. You will feel an extraordinary pacification in this mysterious place, where the Volga becomes even wider and more powerful. After we continue our trip on tarmac surface among the age-old pine forest to Savvatievo. Further on, by our bus – we take the direction back to the Volga, to the village of Yuryevskoye and to our Park Hotel.
In the evening we will have a dinner and a romantic night on the bank of Volga River.
Dinner is not included into a tour price.

Day 4 Yurievskoe – Dubna

Distance biked: 35 km / 22 miles or 45 km / 28 miles

Today’s route will lead through age-old pine forest and old rare settlements, mostly on nice gravel and sandy roads.
In the village of Edimonovo the river Volga becomes even more full flowing and wide. The islands, the water surface of the bay, beaches and pine forests – all this creates a fantastic atmosphere of peace in mind and unity with nature. Here the river makes a sharp turn to north-east and «stores» in the Ivankovsky reservoir.
After a pleasant break and swimming in the clear river waters we will have a transfer to a shore of reservoir, where we take a ferry and cross the wide Volga waters to reach the city Konakovo. Later on via our transfer bus we continue our trip and reach the «city of Science» – Dubna.
In the evening, if the weather is good, we will have one more opportunity to swim in the Volga River  and enjoy unbelievable atmosphere of the city of Academics and cyclists.
Dinner is not included into a tour price.

Day 5 Dubna - Dmitrov

Distance biked: 35 or 47 km / 22 or 28 miles (optional transfer app 30 km)

Today we will have a very eventful day!

After breakfast we will have a short tour along the «city of Science». The guide will tell you about the history of this city and the construction of Moscow Canal. This unique and large-scale construction was erected in the 30s of the last century, in just five years by the forces of hundreds of thousands of political prisoners of the Gulag, many of whom died in its construction.

Walk along the spit, will dip us into the history of this place, a great chance to take wonderful photos of the lighthouse, the famous monument of Lenin (25 meters tall!) and the serene waters of the bay.

And further on we will ride along the canal, and after through woods, fields, authentic settlements and villages to reach the ancient industrial village of Verbilki. Here is possible to visit museum of the porcelain factory that was founded by an Englishman Gardner in the year 1775.

By the evening we will reach an ancient city of Dmitrov, will have a dinner at the hotel and continue our day with a walk in the historical part of the city, will visit local Kremlin, walk along the Kropotkinskaya street among the beautiful monuments of its citizens.
Dinner is not included into a tour price.

Day 6 Dmitrov - Sergiev Posad

Distance biked: 40 km / 25 miles

After breakfast, upon your will, we can spend a little time visiting the Museum-Reserve «Dmitrov Kremlin», there are interesting exhibits dedicated to the Second World War and the historical and cultural life of the region. Then, from the former Golitsyn estate, we will ride to the highest part of the Klin-Dmitrovsky ridge, where it is crossed by the fast and winding river Velya. For the extreme lovers we can offer, but a bit later, to wade it – It can be an unforgettable moment!

Riding first on tarmac surface, after on gravel and sometimes even rocky roads we will reach the settlement «Svyatogorovo». This place is popular for pilgrims, photographers, artists and just for curious ones.  Here we examine the architecture of wooden houses and dine with hospitable hosts who will treat us with dishes of Russian cuisine made from products of their own farmstead.

After we transfer to the city of Sergiev Posad – one of the culminating places of our cycling tour in «Russian inland». The places we pass through are called «Moscow taiga» and even «Russian Switzerland» because of the high, often alternating green hills.

Among all the cities that make up the Golden Ring of Russia, this city is considered to be its pearl and one of the main sights. In 1993 this architectural ensemble became a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

In the evening we will have another interesting event – a master class of painting the Matryoshka in the city's «Workshop of Art». Each person will be given a wooden blank. 
Dinner is not included into a tour price.

Day 7 Sergiev Posad - Vladimir

Distance biked: 35 km or 40 km/ 22 or 25 miles

Today we are having the final and the longest cycle track, that will lead at the junction of the Moscow, Yaroslavl and Vladimir regions.

With our bus we will arrive in a small provincial town – Kirzhach. The town seemed to fall asleep and was lost in the 90s of the last century. But it will be interesting to see. Then we will ride on dirt and sandy roads along the picturesque riverbed Kirzhat. The fields, meadow flowers and pine forest – will become our companions.  For a lunch pause we will stop near the beautiful Telvjakovsky Lake.

After lunch, we will continue our trip to the place of death of the first Soviet Union cosmonaut, Yuri Gagarin, and his colleague and friend, test pilot Vladimir Seryogin. There is a monumental Memorial and a small Chapel have been erected on this place now.

We will reach town Vladimir - the crown of the «Golden Ringon» in the evening by our transfer bus. Here are carefully kept some of wonderful monuments of Russian medieval white-stone architecture, which were entered by UNESCO into the World Heritage List.   
Dinner is not included into a tour price.

Day 8 Vladimir - Moscow

Distance biked: 0 km Transfer by high speed train

In the morning after breakfast we will have a city tour in the city of Vladimir. The tour is going to be filled with lots of interesting information and facts. Vladimir was founded by Prince Vladimir in the late 10-th century. This city for more than 250 years was the capital of the Old Russian state, until 1432.

In the second part of the day we will go back to Moscow.

After the excursion and lunch, we will have a short transfer from our hotel «Panorama» to the railway station of Vladimir. We will go to Moscow by high-speed train at 15:35. Travel time will be less than 2 hours. Approximately at 17:30 we will arrive at the Kursk station of the Capital of Russia. On this trip you will be accompanied by our Sports Leader (leaders), he will also help you to organize a taxi ride to your hotel / airport (not included in the cost of your tour). If you stay at our hotel «Bagration», you are waiting for a transfer (included in the cost of the tour). 

Our cycling tour will finish there. But everyone, upon your wish, is always welcome to stay longer to spend more time exploring our wonderful city of Moscow.

Lunch and Dinner is not included into a tour price.

A train ride between Vladimir and Moscow is not included in the price of the tour.  


•    Detailed route description with printed materials with info about the sights, both in English and German. 

•    Accommodation in 3* and 4* hotels, one night in «Recreation Park» on Volga River.

•    Services of support team, including sports leader (English) and minivan;

•    All the transfers (including a trip on our bus from Moscow to Tver), that are included into a tour program, ferry across the Volga and Moscow Canal;

•    Luggage transportation (from the bus till the hotel’s reception), not more than 18 kg per person;

•    City tours in Moscow  (1st day of the tour) and further on the route: in the cities of Tver, Dubna, Dmitrov, Sergiev Posad, Vladimir; 

•    2 Master classes during the tour;
•    Visa support – invitation to the Russian Embassy of your country;
•    Brochure with maps and description of the tour route and sights (one set per room);    

•    Bike rent, MTB-bike, 21 or 24 speed, male and female frame, helmet upon request (if you prefer to have it, but didn’t bring it with you), bottle holder.


- Two meals a day for 5 days:  
•  breakfast - integrated or buffet;

          •  packed lunch, fresh fruit and vegetables and 1 picnic;
 ·        •  bottled water during the daily route. 

      –  On the second day of the Tour - breakfast, complex lunch and dinner in Tver;

       - The last day of the Tour (Saturday) – breakfast.


•    Flight to/from Moscow;

•    Transfer from/to the airport, the price upon request; 
•    Dinners are not included in the tour price (except dinner in Tver); 

•    Drinks during the Dinner on the 2nd day of the tour (in Tver); 

•    All entrance fees to museums, parks, additional excursions which are not listed in the tour program;

•    Visa expenses; 

•    Medical insurance;
•    A trip on the High-speed train on the route Vladimir - Moscow **.

Tickets will be purchased in advance. 

-  Tickets from 500 to 2000 RUB p/p. 

-   Payment on site, to our Sports Leader.

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