Prague - Budapest

Route "A" 12 Days (parts by train/car)
Option 1 Self guided NO luggage transfer
599 € / pP
Option 2 Self guided luggage transfer included
2 Persons1085 €/ pP
4 Persons875 € / pP
6 Persons790 € / pP
Route "B" 15 Days (All way biking)
Option 1 Self guided NO Luggage transfer
699 € / pP
Option 2 Self guided luggage transfer included
2 Persons1295 €/ pP
4 Persons995 €/ pP
6 Persons889 €/pP
Option 3 Fully guided tour (12 Days)
Price: 1495 € Pp
Bike rental156/195€
Road/Cross bike rental192/240 €
E-bike rental300/375€
Single supplement surcharge290/385 €
Premium accommodation surcharge345/375 €
Premium accommodation single surcharge295/355 €
Halfboard surcharge189/237 €
Premium halfboard surcharge271/327 €
Solorider surcharge210/275 €
Night in Prague55 - 80 €/pP
Night in Budapest/Vienna60-90 €/pP
Car parking in underground garage in Prague10 €/Day
GPS rental30€
Booking fee30 € / Group
Booking fee tailormade tour100 € / Group

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